Zakup Tesli z Bitcoinem może wkrótce stać się rzeczywistością jako Elon Piżmo wskazówki przy przyjmowaniu kryptoflady do zapłaty.

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Najbogatszy człowiek na świecie zapalił Twittera w ostatnim tweecie, w którym zadeklarował, że aprobuje bycie opłacanym w najbardziej cenionej na świecie cyfrowej walucie Bitcoin. Kiedy autor Bitcoin Ben Mezrich wziął na swojej stronie Twittera, aby powiedzieć, że nie będzie miał nic przeciwko, aby dostać się do zapłaty w Bitcoin, nie mógł się domyślić, że człowiek […]

After 10 years stopped, bitcoins mined in 2010 are moved

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Sleeping Coins Represent 9.5% of Bitcoin Supply Bitcoins mined in 2010 were moved for the first time last Sunday, the movement leaves a lot of people curious, since coins mined so long ago refer to the first users of the network, including Satoshi, the creator of Bitcoin. The money that was stopped more than a […]

Bitcoin cracks 25,000 US dollars and hangs up on big „competitor“

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Bigger than Visa – Bitcoin cracks 25,000 US dollars and hangs up on big „competitor“. Yesterday, 25 December, Bitcoin (BTC) climbed above the US$25,000 mark on crypto exchange Bitstamp, setting (yet another) new record high. At the same time, the market-leading cryptocurrency has thus reached a larger market capitalisation than payment giant Visa. Leading payments […]

Bitcoin crosses the $ 20,000 barrier: what now?

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Bitcoin broke through resistance at $ 19,450. Bitcoin’s price broke through its former resistance zone at $ 19,450, hitting a new all-time high. This is probably the 5th wave of a bullish impulse. This wave is expected to push Bitcoin to even higher targets. Bitcoin Breaks Through Resistance To New All-Time High On November 16, […]

Bitcoin’s rally van $12.000 is vooral gedreven door

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Bitcoin’s rally van $12.000 is vooral gedreven door „institutionele honger“: data Bitcoin heeft de afgelopen twee maanden een sterke stijging ondergaan die het van de $11.000-12.000 range naar nieuwe all-time highs van $20.000 heeft gebracht. De kracht van Bitcoin Code de rally is bijna gelijk aan die van de rally eind 2017. Volgens de marktgegevens […]

The crypto sector will be further regulated, with a number of executives in place

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„The regulations, provided they are adequate, are actually a good thing for the cryptocurrency industry,“ explains Waves CEO In recent years, regulators around the world have increased their control over the cryptocurrency sector, clarifying grey areas in legislation and prosecuting offenders. Although major steps have been taken in terms of regulation, the authorities have not […]

Decred co-founder explains the logic behind Bitcoin’s low and high markets

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Do Bitcoin’s market cycles depend on its structure as an asset, on human psychology or on both? Cofundador da Decred explains the logic behind BitcoinNOTÍCIAS‘ low and high markets   Since its launch about 12 years ago, Bitcoin (BTC) has seen a series of high and low cycles, each bigger than the previous one. What […]

Voorraad boom, dollar somberheid: 5 Dingen om naar te kijken in Bitcoin deze week

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Bitcoin houdt meer dan $16.000 vast temidden van gemengde gevoelens over de kans dat deze stierengevecht aller tijden opduikt. Bitcoin (BTC) begint een nieuwe week met aandelen die stijgen en de Amerikaanse dollar daalt – dit alles terwijl de handel weer boven de $16.000 uitkomt. Wat is het volgende voor de prijsactie? Cointelegraph kijkt naar […]

Blockchain Bites: Buterins indsats, Googles Bitcoin-søgninger, Square’s travle BTC-forretning

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Cash App genererede over 1 mia. $ I bitcoin-indtægter til Square i 3. kvartal. Vitalik Buterin sendte 3.200 ETH til Ethereum 2.0s indskudskontrakt. Google-søgedata viser lidt „FOMO“ midt i det nuværende markedskørsel Cash App, Square’s mobile betalingstjeneste (styret af Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey), genererede 1,63 mia. $ I bitcoinindtægter og 32 mio. $ I Bitcoin […]

Isla de Man dice Bitcoin, Ethereum no valores

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La Isla de Man ha publicado un documento que define las criptomonedas. Los activos criptográficos pueden ser dinero electrónico, valores o no regulados Ether y Bitcoin parecen no ser valores bajo este esquema, aunque no se mencionan en el documento por su nombre. ¿Quieres saber más? ¡Únase a nuestro Grupo de Telegram y obtenga señales […]